Samsung Galaxy S6 has your Bloatware Problem Solved

Samsung Galaxy S6 the Latest in the Galaxy series has your bloatware software problems solved as far as Keeping the device from running too many background applications. The Galaxy S6 and The S6 edge has an Option that let users to remove the Bloatware that has been pre loaded on the phone .

Samsung Galaxy S6 app removal option
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge app removal options – image XDA Developers Forum
How does it Work 

Well simply there is an option on the top right  on the screen Once you launch All applications icon on the home screen, The 'Edit' Option lets you to remove or disable the apps that have been pre loaded with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge.  The news has been revealed by one of the members of the popular xda developers form.
Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE
Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
There will be lot more to be known about the device, I will updated this post once I get to know more about the device and post some hands on review of the Smartphone.


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