System Information Blocks and their contents

SIB 1: Cell access related parameters and scheduling

SIB 2: Common and shared channel configuration

SIB 3: Parameters required for intra-frequency cell reselections

SIB 4: Information on intra-frequency neighboring cells

SIB 5: Information inter-frequency neighboring cells

SIB 6: Information for reselection to UMTS (UTRAN) cells if no suitable LTE cell is available

SIB 7: Information for reselection to GSM (GERAN) cells if no suitable LTE or UMTS cell is available

SIB 8: Information for reselection to CDMA2000 systems (mostly for North America)

SIB 9: Home eNodeB name – for future LTE femto cell applications

SIB 10 + 11: ETWS (Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System) information

SIB 12: Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) information.

      This is an Overview of System Information blocks, In an another blog post all the SIB's and their content will be explained.


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