Floating Touch App for Andriod is Here

If yo are busy and want to access you recent apps and want to control you phone within a few touch clicks then floating touch app is for you.
The application is available for iPhone and is now available to android users. Floating touch is simple and uniquely designed for android. The floating touch buttons  moves around your android screen, over other installed apps and it can be moved to any part of the screen even over the widgets.

This application contains the most commonly used switches of the android system such as Screen brightness control, screen lock, volume control, settings menu and the best of all everything in the app is user customizable.

The  Color of the Panel i.e the interface screen can be changed it has a set of color options that can be selected
The icon is fully customizable, it can be changed with any picture on your phone or you can select an icon from the list of stock icons in the app
The size and transparency of the icon can be changed accordingly.
You can add any android setting switches or apps that you frequently use. 
The app is available in free and paid version, and the paid version has full features along with it. 

Features list:
1. Clear memory
2. Back/Home button(Need ROOT)
3. Favorite apps
4. Recent apps
5. System switches
6. Screen brightness
7. Ring mode
8. Blue tooth
9. Wifi
10. GPS
11. APN(Mobile network)
12. Rotation
13. Flash light
14. Airplane mode


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