What is 3G and 4G

Often there is a Misunderstanding between different generations of technologies and their technical names , Here is the List of the Generations of technology .

2G = GSM
2.5G = GPRS
2.75G = EDGE

Then moving onto 3G systems:

3G = WCDMA, R99
3.5G = HSDPA
3.75G = HSUPA
3.8G = HSPA+ (HSPA Enhancements)
3.85G = 'HSPA+' + MIMO
3.9G = LTE ( LTE is marketed as 4G LTE )   
4G LTE - LTE Advanced (Project Name) ( It is standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as a major enhancement of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard

4G = IMT-Advanced --- ( not yet Developed )

4G LTE - Currently  being deployed by Verizon and ATT in USA . It is an LTE technology but Marketed as 4G LTE. 
It is also called as LTE Advanced and it is a Major enhancement of the LTE Standard

T- Mobile Uses HSPA+ Network standard but they Marketed it as 4G Network.. HSPA + known as: "High Speed Packet Access" is a Third Generation technology( 3G)

Spirint Uses WIMAX 


The Motive of the blog is to share the resources and Knowledge about the latest technologies and work practices evolving in the field of Telecommunications.


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